The Dark Side of the Apple

«The Los Angeles Times» published an article yesterday “On the Media: Steve Jobs vs. a free press” about the man and his company’s focus on control led to repeated fights with reporters.

Among other cases you can read, it writes: “One of the ironies of the digital communications age is that some of the greatest revolutionaries for transparency and human connectedness prefer to apply those principles to everyone else. [Google and Facebook are among the other tech giants that have made the Pentagon look pliant in comparison.] Apple “has taken stances that, in my opinion, are outright hostile to the practice of journalism,” said Gillmor, a former San Jose Mercury News journalist and founding director of the Knight Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship.”

Also «ReadWriteWeb» shows “The other Steve Jobs: Censorship, Control and Labor rights”. Enumerating, once again, a long list of misbehaviors by Apple. The most recent one, at mid september, was the censorship of an app, done by italians of Molle Industria, a game about coltan extraction in Congo, outsourced labor in China, e-waste in Pakistan and gadget consumerism in the West by Apple.

Moreover, the 7th of september, «Il Manifesto», may be the only communist newspaper left in Western Europe, as reported on the front page of the daily edition,  analized the contradictions of the so called “tecnoutopia”, explaing the all cock-eyed between Steve Jobs’ ideals and Apple’s practices.

Some afterthoughts are certainly needed after reading the conclusions written by Benedetto Vecchi: “In un discorso tenuto poco tempo fa a Stanford, che può essere considerato il suo testamento spirituale, Jobs invitava i giovani a perseguire e a lottare per i loro sogni. Parole commoventi. Basta però intendersi per quale realtà valga la pena battersi”.

The huge celebration on how great and visionary was Steve Jobs needed, in my opinion, some food for thought from a different outlook. Hopefully the above provided it.

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