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Digital First Does NOT Mean Print Last

Randy Par­ker has publi­shed the dia­gram they use inter­nally at the «York Daily Record» in deli­ve­ring brea­king news in a mul­ti­plat­form environment.

The work­flow pro­vi­des a great ana­ly­sis sho­wing each step in a digi­tal first environment.

As he points out:

Char­ting out these con­cepts also helps us wrap our heads around the con­cept of Digi­tal First. That con­cept does not mean that the print new­spa­per has no value, or even that print is “last” among our prio­ri­ties. As this chart illu­stra­tes, digi­tal deli­very must – by its very nature – be first among our prio­ri­ties because it is the fastest, most effi­cient means of sha­ring infor­ma­tion with our audience.

But print is not last among prio­ri­ties. Print sim­ply needs to be dealt with at the appro­priate time.

Digi­tal first doesn’t mean print last.

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