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How Social Media Changed the Game [and the way still to go]

The infographic from MDG Advertising, a full-service advertising agency from South Florida,  makes a good summary of the shift to social in digital marketing.

Undoubtedly the progressive rise of social media and social network has changed the way  people spend their time and interact with brands on the Web and, therefore, how investments for marketing and communication are allocated. Very effective on this topic the decision making cycle of connected customers, brought by Brian Solis a couple of days ago, pointing out the big changes in the new social customer and the resulting shift in the decision making process.

If marketers say that social media has impacted their marketing operations there is still a long way to go as 21% of them are not sure yet how to respond, and just know they have a lot of likes on Facebook; to point out one of the many current issues.

Of course it isn’t just a matter of metrics or misguided approach but a deeper problem of organizational culture as a whole, needing a complete new paradigm for such a deep revolution in the relations between people and industry.

Now that we are, almost, getting to know the [social] medium is needed a further step from social media marketing 1.0, the current phase, to social media marketing 2.0 or, better, to social enterprise.

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