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How Social Media Changed the Game [and the way still to go]

The info­gra­phic from MDG Adver­ti­sing, a full-service adver­ti­sing agency from South Flo­rida,  makes a good sum­mary of the shift to social in digi­tal marketing.

Undoub­tedly the pro­gres­sive rise of social media and social net­work has chan­ged the way  peo­ple spend their time and inte­ract with brands on the Web and, the­re­fore, how invest­ments for mar­ke­ting and com­mu­ni­ca­tion are allo­ca­ted. Very effec­tive on this topic the deci­sion making cycle of con­nec­ted custo­mers, brought by Brian Solis a cou­ple of days ago, poin­ting out the big chan­ges in the new social custo­mer and the resul­ting shift in the deci­sion making process.

If mar­ke­ters say that social media has impac­ted their mar­ke­ting ope­ra­tions there is still a long way to go as 21% of them are not sure yet how to respond, and just know they have a lot of likes on Face­book; to point out one of the many cur­rent issues.

Of course it isn’t just a mat­ter of metrics or misgui­ded approach but a dee­per pro­blem of orga­ni­za­tio­nal cul­ture as a whole, nee­ding a com­plete new para­digm for such a deep revo­lu­tion in the rela­tions bet­ween peo­ple and industry.

Now that we are, almost, get­ting to know the [social] medium is nee­ded a fur­ther step from social media mar­ke­ting 1.0, the cur­rent phase, to social media mar­ke­ting 2.0 or, bet­ter, to social enter­prise.

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