Should Media Executives Wash Dishes?

During the recently held Global Media 2011 many old media executives have shown their reluctancy in joining the digital generation on Twitter.

Maurice Levy, CEO of advertising group Publicis, among other famous media executives, said “I understand how to wash dishes. I don’t do it regularly”, meaning that he did not need to tweet to understand the importance of Twitter. Feelings shared also by Martin Sorrell, of WPP, which, apparently, is too busy to answer e-mail to tweet as Reuters reported.

Of course no one would ask any important manager to post what is having for dinner or else, and personally I wouldn’t suggest it in any case to nobody to do it, but nevertheless listening and managing by direct experience is a fundamental step to understand the world of social media.

I suggest these reluctant media and advertising managers should start as soon as possibile to wash some dishes before becoming irrelevant in a very near future.

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