Posted on 19 novembre 2011 by Pier Luca Santoro

Sexism and the Media

The gen­der gap in Italy is one of the highest among deve­lo­ped nations as the latest data avai­la­ble confirms.

If Italy is lag­ging behind the rest of the world and threa­tens, once more, to miss oppor­tu­ni­ties, are the media to blame for the repre­sen­ta­tion they often  give of women or are they only repor­ting the sta­tus quo of our culture?

The issue is of great social rele­vance for a Coun­try in which sexism is part of the daily pic­ture made of women repre­sen­ted as “veli­nas”, or worst as escort,  beco­ming so popu­lar to drive  a great pro­test and a huge move­ment cal­ling to have more respect.

Around this que­stion will take place, next fri­day in Rome, a debate orga­ni­zed by Asso­cia­zione Puli­tzer in col­la­bo­ra­tion with Asso­cia­zione LSDI [Libertà di Stampa Diritto all’Informazione] and the Digi­Lab of Uni­ver­sity La Sapienza of Rome under the advo­cacy of Fede­ra­zione Nazio­nale della Stampa.

“Women and Media. The role of woman in the col­lec­tive ima­gi­nary”  will see the par­te­ci­pa­tion, among others, of Gio­vanna Cosenza, pro­fes­sor of semio­tics of new media at the Uni­ver­sity of Bolo­gna, Anto­nella Bec­ca­ria, jour­na­list and wri­ter, Nata­scha Fio­retti, head of the ita­lian sec­tion of the Euro­pean Jor­na­lism Obser­va­tory and Lore­dana Lip­pe­rini, jour­na­list and radio speaker.

Such an impor­tant issue and the par­te­ci­pa­tion of so many qua­li­fied spea­kers shouldn’t be unat­ten­ded not only by women but by all those who care about the future of our Coun­try. I’ll be there.