Posted on 12 novembre 2011 by Pier Luca Santoro

Send Them Away

«El Pais» yester­day has intro­du­ced “buscador” [fin­der] a fea­ture to see all the rela­ted news to the infor­ma­tion provided.

At the end of each arti­cle of its online edi­tion there is the option to read rela­ted sour­ces from other news web­si­tes with a sum­mary of con­tents and the link to read it fully.

Of course this is not so new as «The Guar­dian» as well, among others, does it on the right side of each sec­tion even if not at the same extent.

Giving peo­ple the option of fin­ding in  the same place all the news they might be inte­re­sted in, and the way to dee­pen the infor­ma­tion they care about, also by pro­vi­ding direc­tly exter­nal sour­ces, should not be a worry of digi­tal edi­tions of new­spa­pers. By appa­ren­tly sen­ding them away it’s given the rea­son to keep peo­ple coming back over and over to you as com­pre­hen­sive and tru­sted source.

Peo­ple pay you not pageviews!