Posted on 5 novembre 2011 by Pier Luca Santoro

Social News — and Oaks — on Apocalyptic Flooding in Genoa

Apo­ca­lyp­tic floo­ding hit Genova yester­day cau­sing the death of 6 per­sons and great damnage.

Twit­ter played a key role in kee­ping peo­ple infor­med on the situa­tion first and fore­most making avai­la­ble use­ful infor­ma­tion, using the hash­tag #aller­ta­me­teoLG, such as emer­gency num­ber or the situation.

The peak of num­ber of tweets was at 6 pm with almost six thou­sands of men­tions on Twitter.

The tweets most ret­wee­ted  where one of @La7tv, account of ita­lian pri­vate broa­d­ca­ster which did a great multi-platform cove­rage both on tele­vi­sion and live strea­ming on inter­net,  plea­ding peo­ple to open all wi-fi con­nec­tions to faci­li­tate com­mu­ni­ca­tion, one of a famous foot­ball player, asking to ret­weet the phone num­ber to call for emer­gency and help, and the one that was making avai­la­ble a cha­rity phone num­ber to donate.

Among so much soli­da­rity, as usually hap­pens, also a oak, as I poin­ted out, which got 150 ret­weets on a list of use­ful things nee­ded that weren’t for this flooding.

As in Italy Twit­ter still doesn’t have many users the num­ber of tweets can be con­si­de­red of great amount.

During the tra­gic events, in my opi­nion, pro­ba­bly for the first time, each media, tele­vi­sion, online new­spa­pers and social net­works, played an impor­tant part in kee­ping peo­ple infor­med on the situation.

Hope­fully we will not need ano­ther orri­ble event to under­stand that peo­ple nowa­days get them­sel­ves infor­ma­tion where avai­la­ble not where impo­sed by others.

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