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The Monkeys that Wrote Shakespeare

Almost a month ago I repor­ted on com­pu­ter gene­ra­ted arti­cles who’s autors claim it will pro­ba­bly win a Puli­tzer in the next 5 years as Nicola Bruno and Raf­faele Mastro­lo­nardo  wrote in their book “The Mon­key That Won a Pulitzer”.

Jesse Ander­son a week ago has announ­ced that, through an appli­ca­tion he has writ­ten, he suc­ces­sfully mimic­ked a mil­lion mon­keys typing and it has recrea­ted all Shakespeare’s work.

Appa­ren­tly he was inspi­red in his work by one of his favo­rite Simp­sons epi­so­des as the video below shows.

With the upri­sing of these tech­no­lo­gies, which are very relia­ble for data or, as Anderson’s work shows, re ela­bo­ra­ting exi­sting sour­ces, the con­cerns for jour­na­lists should be focu­sed on  fact chec­king and enga­ge­ment of those which, other­wise, were once their audience.

Recent expe­ri­ment car­ried out by «The Guar­dian» is a good exam­ple of how to do it.

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